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Apr 27, 2014 12:02pm EDT
a worker with the clinton. >> were no surprises as i decided to let's give people a feel for how long we've been trying to change the system. one of the surprises to me as to engage how republicans work in 1945 the governor of california at that time, earl warner, propose comprehensive health care reform and he came within one vote of getting it passed in california and he had gotten sick and said we really need to protect people from the cost of getting sick. when nixon got a late date in 1946, one of his first legislative dose he introduced was a bill about comprehensive health care reform. here's the crazy thing if i describe it, no think man, did he write obamacare? was he one of the architects? he wanted to give subsidies so that they could go and buy private insurance. the government would provide the subsidies. sounds a lot like obamacare to me. he proposed that and when he was running for president in 1960 against john kennedy, there was a big day. public and the democrats trying to figure out how to get people left out, poor people, especially the elderly, how to get them insura
Apr 25, 2014 8:28pm EDT
with the audience outrage that bill clinton and in his sense of the story. it was almost like an irish street cop to laser in on what the issue is so that is a testament that has carved out the power center and he has the numbers. they grouch about it but it's because he has a respect that o'reilly is a self-made man. >> host: it's interesting because they have come out in ways that do not fit the scenario you are describing on immigration into gun controls. you are saying because he's powerful he doesn't have to -- >> guest: he is eventually the one talent with some exceptions he can do what he wants. he is very much in lockstep with what he wants. it's interesting to note that he is the programming deputy was for years that director-producer and it's that line between sean hannity where he can get what he wants on the air. >> host: there is a famous moment where carl who has been on fox was raising a lot of money against obama and doing commentary about obama. somebody said about go check. they looked pretty awful on that. again it doesn't fit the scenario. what happened in that moment where sh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2